How does the pace slider work?

At NativShark, we use scientific data, coupled with the analysis of our students' performance, to design a platform that ensures consistent progress in your language skill acquisition.

The pace slider is part of this. It makes it much easier to achieve long-term consistency in studies, which means both challenging you to show up every day and keeping your from overburdening your future self by trying to learn too much right away.

In the vast majority of cases, people don't fail to learn things because go too slowly. They fail because their studies are not consistent, their resources are poor quality, and/or their time is not used efficiently.

The pace slider determines what you need to study each day in order to reach your personal study goal. By adjusting the slider, you can set how much time it will take to get through all of the core learning materials of NativShark. The default setting is 4 years.

You can adjust your pace in the study settings menu.

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