How do I progress through the NativShark system?

What moves you through the platform is a “mastery based” system, which is based on the number of reviews you have coming up. This means, you can progress by as much as you’re able to keep up with your reviews.

Your review threshold will be set to 50 reviews by default. You can easily change this should you wish to increase or decrease it by pressing the Configure button to the right of the Tomorrow's Reviews count. Based on what you set it to, you’ll then be able to progress through new Units until you’ve reached your review threshold for the next day. This means that when content is easy for you, you’ll progress quickly, and when content is more difficult, the system will naturally slow down.
For those who already have some knowledge in Japanese, you can Archive flashcards to reduce your total number of reviews. This allows you to continue through the units as it keeps your review count below your threshold.
NativShark now moves at your pace, whatever that may be.