Is there a vacation or break mode?

Vacation mode lets you take a break from your studies. It can be activated by going to the context menu beneath your login name, Settings, then Study Settings.

Once activated, all your studies will be suspended. You will not be able to do reviews or new units, nor will you be assigned any new material. Your streak will be in a protected state and reviews will not pile up for the duration of your vacation. Additionally, you will receive an email notice to confirm that you've activated vacation mode. Please note that vacation mode does not pause your subscription.

Time taken on vacation will be tracked and displayed on your dashboard. 

Vacation mode will remain active for 21 days. However, should you wish to return from vacation earlier, the banner below will also appear on your dashboard and you can deactivate it from there. Otherwise, you will receive an email notice when 7 days remain in your vacation period. Once the 21 days is over, your account will return to it's normal state, accompanied by another email to let you know. All of your studies will be shifted to your return date, making it seem as if you had never left. Now you can set off into the sunset with your mind at ease!

Should you need to take a longer vacation, you can activate it a second time. However, be cautious with this as there comes a tipping point where a vacation is no longer a vacation and has turned into simply not studying. And we wouldn't want that, now would we 😁