Avalanche Recovery

If you've ever been away from the system for an extended period (or even a few days), there's a chance that you've been greeted by a large pile of reviews upon your return. Or perhaps you came back after a lovely overseas trip only to realize you forgot to set Vacation Mode on! It's a huge obstacle to get these reviews out of the way and can seriously dampen motivation to get back into the habit of learning. We refer to this as an avalanche and have created a recovery system to help get you back on track if or when this happens!

Avalanche recovery is a setting that allows you to rebalance and distribute a large number of reviews over multiple days so that you aren't faced with the daunting task of tackling a mountainous number of reviews just to get back into studying.

You can find this toggle by going to your Study Settings page. 

The detection % is the point at which the system activates and is customizable between 120-250% of your review threshold. This means that if your review threshold is 100, a setting of 120% will activate avalanche recovery if you have 120 reviews or more, while a setting of 250% will only activate recovery if you have 250 reviews or more!

When an avalanche is detected, this lovely banner with our rescue pup will show up at the top of your dashboard. From here, you can choose to use the recovery option, change your settings to either increase your threshold or turn off recovery in order to remove the banner. Otherwise, you can also ignore the banner altogether and just move forward with the usual Study Now button. Note that this banner will continue to appear until the conditions you have set for avalanche detection are no longer fulfilled. 

To learn more about how the recovery works, head over here to read about how it works. Some other related articles are also linked below.