Can I still study new material while recovering from an avalanche?

Aside from being a tool that can help you when returning from an intentional or unintentional extended break, Avalanche Recovery can also be used to help distribute your reviews so that you have a more even, predictable workload each day. Perhaps you're fairly confident that you'll remember the avalanched reviews or just want to press onwards while reviewing older material that had piled up. Whatever the case may be, a small tweak to your review threshold will allow you to keep swimming through new units.

The avalanche recovery distributes your reviews over consecutive days up to your review threshold that you had set at the time of recovery. Since that would max out your review threshold, you won't be able to study new units until you've completed your recovery as long as you maintain the same review threshold. However, if you increase your review threshold, you'll be able to study new units each day until or unless that threshold is once again breached. 

However, be cautious if you have an enormous amount of reviews that have been neglected for a long period. Studying new material when the foundation has been forgotten may lead to much frustration. You're free to use the tools at your disposal as you wish, but with great power comes great responsibility 🙂