Can I change my review threshold?



Everyone has different life circumstances, schedules, and goals, so your review threshold should match what you can handle on a consistent basis.

How to change the review threshold

You can change this by pressing the Configure button to the right of the display:

Default text

This will bring you to a screen where you can select one of the default options, or set your own.

Default text

If you're using the Custom value, you will be able to set any number of reviews down to a minimum of 5, which is how many reviews you need to advance your Days Studied (when you have that many available to do).

You can set however high you want, but we generally recommend being careful when doing so.

If you're needing to do a ton of reviews every day, you might be moving too fast and not building a strong foundational retention in the material that you've already learned, or you might just cause yourself to burn out because the workload is so high.

Feel free to experiment and find a pace that works for you. When in doubt, take it easy. Always go with what you personally can maintain and don’t worry about what other people say you should be doing^^