What types of flashcards do you have?


The core NativShark system has three types of flashcards: lesson, vocab, and kanji flashcards.

There are also custom flashcards that students can make when they are studying with native materials, etc.

NativShark core flashcards

There are the types of flashcards you will encounter as your progress through NativShark, and are part of the core system.

They will appear in your studies depending on your progression in NativShark.

Lesson flashcards

Lesson flashcards contain sentences you have seen in lessons before.


Kanji flashcards teach new kanji characters. These are mainly to give you some mental breathing space to prepare to learn them in context.


Vocab flashcards teach new vocab using kanji you’ve seen before. Starting in Phase Two, all vocab flashcards also come with context, which will help you better understand where and when you can expect any material you’re learning to be used.

Extra flashcards

There are also…

Custom flashcards

These are student-made flashcards that are not a part of your core studies, and are not introduced when using the Study Now button.

You can study these by hitting the Study Custom Decks button in the image below, and you can make them by going to Library > flashcards from your My Journey page and hitting “Create custom deck”:

Create custom deck location nativshark

These can be nice to make while you’re studying with native materials and want to review a few things you learned later on, but keep in mind that they aren’t necessary to your studies as just doing more native materials will get you reviewing words you’ve learned again as well~