How much vocabulary does NativShark teach?

That's a loaded question!

The answer below is talking about our Japanese content, specifically.

While we could talk at length about numbers here — about the 12,000+ vocab cards in the core learning materials, or the 1,400+ lessons packed with example sentences — instead we'd like to propose that numbers are an imperfect representation of the depth of learning content.

As you'll see when you get into the dialogues that cap off each of our study units, it is entirely possible to "know" a word without realizing just how many ways it is actually used by native speakers. You can know all of the words in an idiom without knowing what it means. You can know a word without knowing the shortened or morphed forms it changes into in casual speech.

We want to teach all of this. And that's why our database of sentences is always growing. At last count, it had roughly 30,000 entries.