Will NativShark prepare me for the JLPT?


Yes, because being able to pass various levels of the JLPT tests is a byproduct of becoming functional in Japanese.

The goal of NativShark

Our primary focus is teaching you the Japanese that native speakers use out in the real world.

While we're at it, we do also teach the "textbook Japanese" you see on tests like the JLPT, as it is helpful for understanding the mechanics of the language. But we also point out the ways that this language differs out "in the wild," so to speak.

If you do want to take the JLPT, you should be able to easily pass each level of the test after completing the following phases:

  • Phase One: JLPT N5 and N4
  • Phase Two: JLPT N3
  • Phase Three: JLPT N2 and N1

There are many JLPT grammar topics that appear in higher levels of the test despite being used commonly in everyday life. These appear in earlier phases than the ones listed above. We teach a number of JLPT N3 grammar points in Phase One, for example.

We didn’t include Phase Four in the above list, because it’ll be teaching a lot more than the N1 covers, in much more natural and usable contexts.