What are the different states of review sets?

Review sets can either be in a Draft or Published state. Once the set is Published, it can then be shared in a Link Only state or kept to yourself in a Private state.

Draft- All review sets start as “Drafts.” In this state, you can modify the materials and flashcards contained in the set.- After a review set is published the owner is able to make a “Draft” of the set to add/remove materials before updating.

Published- Once a review set is published it can not be changed. Only published review sets may be shared. If you would like to edit a published review set you must first make a draft.

Link Only- These review sets may be shared with other community members via a link. Anyone with this link will be able to review your review set and will be able to make their own copy of it (custom flashcards will not be copied). If the owner decides to make a “Draft” and publish changes to the review set, anyone studying the set will be affected by these updates.

Private- Review sets in “Private” state can only be reviewed by the creator.Review sets that have been set to “Link Only” can always be returned to “Private”. Doing so will cause anyone who had the link to lose access.