What is the review threshold?


The review threshold is the pace-setter for your study progress through NativShark.

Its main purpose is to help prevent you from being overwhelmed in reviews.

How does it work?

When you study new Units and progress through NativShark, you will automatically be getting reviews for you to do the next day, which help solidify what you have learned the previous day.

This is in conjuction with the reviews you would normally be getting based on the spaced-repition system, which shows you reviews based on your answers to those cards and other variables.

The review threshold’s purpose is to stop you from doing new Units if you’re going to have more reviews the next day than your threshold allows.

This stops you from adding too much work to your studies and being shocked the next day, while helping to keep your average expected study time more consistent.

It also helps prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed by reviews. Which is the opposite of fun and can threaten our language goals due to burnout.

Where can I find the review threshold?

At the bottom of “Today’s studies”, you will find a section that displays the number of reviews waiting for you the next day.

This is labeled Tomorrow's Reviews, followed by some numbers:

Default text

The first number is how many reviews you have tomorrow, and the number on the right is your threshold.

In our picture above, there are 38 reviews lined up for tomorrow, and the threshold is 75.

Since there’s less reviews than our threshold, the number will be green and we can continue to study and add to the reviews for tomorrow if we so choose. Or we can take a break and call it a day.

Once you the number of reviews meets or goes over the threshold, the system will stop you from learning more for the day, and it will turn the number of reviews we have tomorrow red to show this.

This is both to prevent you from drowning in reviews the next day, and to help you solidify what you have learned the previous day more effectively.

I want to study more. Can I change the threshold?

Yes, you can^^

Everyone has different amounts of time and effort they can commit to studying, so one size does not fit all.

Please see here to learn how to configure your review threshold.