What is contextual iterative immersion (Cii)?

Contextual iterative immersion, or Cii, is the method by which we limit the amount of new information that is exposed to the student at a given time.
Cii ensures that a student never sees more than 1 new concept at a time.
For instance, if you see a new example sentence, it will never have more than 1 word in it that you don't know. The piece of new information might be a single new vocabulary word, or a new kanji, or a recently introduced grammatical construction.

There are two main benefits to this system of teaching. First, the study materials do not feel overwhelming. Second, content is reinforced. If there is only one new word in a sentence, for example, then that means you are reviewing every other word in that sentence. You start to feel like you are getting better naturally rather than through tiresome effort.