How to subscribe

What does subscribing do?

Subscribing means that you’ll be able to continue progressing as you have been in the system, and will have access to all the lessons, dialogues, custom flashcards, and other features such as review sets, after your free trial runs out.

When going through the content, you’ll be getting exposure to natural language, spoken how native speakers actually say things, and be learning all the grammar and vocab you need to reach your goals along the way, as NativShark is designed to be a wholistic core resource.


The “spoken how native speakers actually say things” is a quite important point actually.

Textbooks will often only teach “perfect” grammar, which means you will have 0 exposure to how people actually speak or use Japanese.

This creates a difficult-to-overcome wall between the real world and your studies.

NativShark is very intentional with breaking down that wall, and creating no separation between real world Japanese and the Japanese you’ll study.

This alone will definitely save you frustration in the future, along with potentially hundreds of hours of trying to catch up and being lost without support, needing to teach yourself because your resource refuses to.

All you need to do is use NativShark for your core studies, click that Study Now button, and then go out and use the language by talking to people, reading things that interest you, playing games you like in Japanese, or whatever other activities you like to do. Just try that activity in Japanese.

If you’re on the edge, then we encourage you to ask real students about their experiences using NativShark and how it has helped them.

You can join our community here to ask anything you’d like about the system or otherwise.

With that said, please note that you can still continue to do reviews after your free trial has expired.

We don’t believe anybody should ever be going backwards just because of whatever life circumstances they may have run into has caused them to be unable to subscribe / continue their subscription.

If you feel that you need a bit more time to fully explore the system before deciding to subscribe, please feel free to reach out to our support. We’d be happy to extend your trial to give you that extra time to decide.

How do I subscribe?

If you’re not currently subcsribed, you’ll see a button in the banner at the top of the page that brings you directly to your subscription options.


You can also click on your name in the top right (or the hamburger menu with three lines on mobile), click on settings, and then click on subscription.


Note that if you subscribe before your free trial runs out, your subscription will begin immediately and will overwrite your remaining free trial.

Once you’re on the subscription page, you’ll see three options:


Monthly will renew… well, monthly. We recommend this when you’re kind of on the edge and want to see more of the system before making a big purchase.

Yearly will… also renew yearly, and is significantly discounted when compared to the monthly plan. This is the best bang for your buck and is billed annually.

Supporter is a one-time payment that gets you access to NativShark forever. It’s mainly desgined as a way to show support for what we’re building while still getting something in return.


We are forever grateful if you decide to purchase Supporter, but we generally recommend people using the yearly option as this is option is designed for showing support, not for being cost effective.

Once you’ve chosen your subscription, click on Start Plan and you’ll be able to enter your payment information there and get on with your studies.

If you have a coupon, please enter it at the bottom:


Thanks for subscribing! If you’re so inclined, we’d love to say hi to you in our community. The study journey is better together.