Finding your study sanctuary

The year was 2012.

Like many 26-year-olds on the road to success, I (Niko) was living with my parents and working as a delivery driver for a sushi restaurant.

My work environment was less than fantastic. Screaming managers. Botched orders. A stressed-out owner looking over everyone's shoulders.

Outside of work, I didn't have much of a social life because I was trying to save money. I wanted to move to Japan!

But there was one part of my day that I absolutely loved.

Right after I woke up and got ready for the day, I headed straight to my favorite cafe.

I ordered an iced coffee, an everything bagel with cream cheese, and then I sat and studied Japanese for hours on end.

I found myself worrying less and less about how much I was or was not learning, how good or bad my study methods were, whether or not I would ever really be fluent in the language.

For the first time, I was purely enjoying the journey, the adventure of exploring a new and unknown form of human expression.

I had found my study sanctuary.

A study sanctuary is a place you enjoy going to where you can study without distraction every single day.

Rei and I have moved around a lot in the years we've been together, so my study sanctuary has had to change a number of times.

But there are similarities to each of them.

It is always:

Somewhere I go right after waking up.

Somewhere I can enjoy my morning coffee & breakfast.

Somewhere with a table or desk.

Somewhere people won't bother me.

Your study sanctuary might be different.

Ty's first one involved tea and a blanket.

What might your study sanctuary look like?

What sights, sounds, and smells are there?

What time of day do you visit it?

It's worth taking the time to figure this out.

People tend to put a lot of thought into what they're studying.

This resource or that resource. This book or that book. This teacher or that teacher.

But none of this is as important as showing up every day.

So it's worthwhile to put some thought into how you personally — a human being in a specific situation, living in a specific environment on our little water-wrapped planet — can arrange your life so that studying every day is not only feasible, but enjoyable too.

There is a way.