Comprehension rating system


At the end of each lesson, we ask you how well you understand the lesson, with 1 being impossible to understand and 5 being easy to understand.

A rating must be chosen before the lesson can be completed.


Comprehension ratings at the end of each lesson serve two purposes: (1) self-reference — to track how well you understood something and review it — and (2) internal reference — our content team uses them to improve lessons.

Student use

Your comprehension rating of a given lesson is a good marker for self reference.

In a future update, we will include the ability to go back and browse through lessons based on the comprehension score you gave them, which will allow you to easily find and review things that may not have fully made sense to you.

Sometimes all we need is more exposure to the language before a certain concept is ready to click.

Internal use

The content team will be looking at the average comprehension ratings of lessons as more and more students rate them.

If there are lessons that are consistently rated lower, the content team will revisit those lessons to see what improvements can be made.