I already know kana, can I skip it?

Many students have some experience in Japanese before beginning their NativShark studies. If this is you and you are already familiar with the basics of the writing system and are comfortable reading & writing the Japanese Hiragana and Katakana syllabaries, rest assured you're able to skip these lessons in your study path. At the moment, you are able to skip kana right when a new kana group is presented to you. As you begin each kana set, you should see an option to skip that set at the bottom of the page. Clicking on that should allow you to skip ahead.

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Once you've done that you're good to go, kana learning archived.

That said, even students who skip the general kana learning lessons often like to test or drill themselves. To do this there are two main options in NativShark.

Option 1) run the Kana Review Tool.

Option 2) do some Kana Quizzes and Tests.

You can find the Kana Review Tool at:

Kana Review | NativShark

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You can find the Kana Quizzes and Tests at: Quizzes & Tests | NativShark

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And they're fully configurable to your liking so you're able to quiz on production or comprehension:

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Lastly, from any page across NativShark in the bottom right you'll find a context menu, inside there are kana charts provided that play the stroke order and pronunciation when clicked.

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Happy studies!