How do I use a discount code?


Discount codes give you a reduced price on your subscription.

It’s also important to note that this reduced price applies to all continuous billing cycles after it as well, so your future renewals will retain this discount as long as you stay subscribed.

(Discount codes, explained below, are not to be confused with gift codes. See here for an article on gift codes.)

To renew a discount code, head over to the subscription page and select the subscription option (monthly or annual/yearly) that matches your code.

Then press the Start Plan button.

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This will open up a screen that asks for billing information.

There will be a box on the bottom where you can fill in your discount (coupon) code.

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If your code is valid, you will see "Code applied" show up in green underneath the box. Otherwise, a red message will appear.

The payment amount shown in the pink confirmation button will also change. Just click that to confirm and you can then continue to complete your billing information and signup.

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If you are having trouble applying the code, please feel free to send an email to [email protected].